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What We Do

As your general contractor, from Indoor Style Home Renovations, we offer a list of services that are most common to the areas we serve. Remember, this list is not limited and we encourage you to contact us if you have a unique project you need help with. We serve Barrie, Innisfil, Bradford, Newmarket, Aurora and surrounding areas with home renovation services such as: kitchen renovations, basement renovations, bathroom renovations, and any other room renovations. We also do flooring, windows, doors, painting, and outdoor projects.

LOVE Where You LIVE...Renovate.

Indoor Renovations

Contact us for any indoor renovation or remodeling: kitchens, bathrooms, basements, bedrooms and more.

Painting, Flooring, Windows, Doors

Painting, flooring, window and door replacement or repair services.

Outdoor Projects

We provide a contractor service for outdoor projects such as patio, fence, deck and gazebo.

kitchen renovations - general contractor for indoor style home renovation

Kitchen Renovations

Everyone wants to own an island, well now you long as it’s in your kitchen. Here at Indoor Style our general contractor can design and build the kitchen of your dreams, taking your ideas and transforming them into a real life results.

We offer a wide variety of services from cabinet installation to completely modernize an outdated design. Our goal is to take your kitchen and turn it into the hero of your house, making it a place that you can proudly show to your guests.

bathroom renovations - general contractor for indoor style home renovation

Bathroom Renovations

Have you fallen out of love with your bathroom? Is it no longer a place for relaxing in the tub? Jason and his crew can tackle any bathroom no matter how small. Even small changes like retiling the shower or repainting the walls can be rejuvenating.

Indoor style will create a stylish and functional bathroom, that makes you fall back in love with your bathroom.

basement renovations - general contractor for indoor style home renovation

Basement Renovations

When you walk down to your basement does it feel like a dungeon? Well, we can help with that. Whether you want it to be a not so secret escape, or just want to install a downstairs bathroom, we can do it all. Go from a dark and cold cellar to whatever you can imagine. Our general contractor can take what you want and make it a reality.

room renovations - general contractor for indoor style home renovation

Room Renovations

Do you have a room in your house that needs to be fixed up? The team at Indoor Style can help with that and there's no room too big or small that our crew can’t handle. We can make it into a your own personal bar or a home office, the options are infinite. If you think it, we can do it.

painting services - general contractor for indoor style home renovation


Is there a wall in your home that makes you cringe every time you look at it? That may be a sign that your house is in need of a new paint job. We can turn that paint job from "oh no" to "oh yes!". Our team of specialist will make your walls look like new taking out any dents or blemishes before painting.

flooring services - general contractor for indoor style home renovation


Are you ready to make the change from carpet to flooring? When choosing a floor you need to consider both comfort and practicality. The specialists at Indoor Style can help find the right floor for you, from carpet to hardwood we do it all in a fast and clean manner.

window and door services - general contractor for indoor style home renovation

Windows & Doors

Is it time to replace your windows and doors? An Indoor Style general contractor can install new doors and windows easily. Do you need help deciding what type of doors would work for you, or what windows will fit in your home? Our team of specialist are here to help you decide.

fence building, deck building, outdoor project services - general contractor for indoor style home renovation

Outdoor Projects

Indoor style can take your plain backyard and transform it into something new and exciting. Are you in need of a fence or want to revamp your deck? Our crew can help with that and many other projects, such as: a patio or gazebo, a new shed, a pool deck, and so much more. After they’re done renovating your outdoors you will be proud to call it home. It will be a place where you will want to host backyard parties or just relax.

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Are certified, bonded, and fully insured with 15+ years of skills and experience. Jason and his team take incredible pride in their work and their superior customer service.


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